The real competition

Think a minute…Did you have to compete with someone else to get the girl or guy you wanted?  Whether we like it or not, competition is part of life. 

Usually there are other people besides you who want that job, scholarship, business, or title. But some people will stop at nothing to win.  Whether it’s lying, cheating, or gossiping and destroying someone’s reputation. 

Yet when we compete only to win and beat the other person, it not only makes us bad losers, but also bad winners.  That kind of competing produces a person with a bad heart and character, with self-centered greed, pride, and envy. 

An important lesson in life is to learn to compete only against yourself. Then, whether you win or lose against others, you still win!  Because all the time and effort you spent to work and improve only makes you a better person who’s closer to reaching your potential.  

As one guy put it:  “Trespassing is okay, if the boundaries you cross are your own!” So when we set good, important goals for ourselves, they work in two ways:  we work on them, and they work on us. 

The real test of your success is whether you’re a better person than you were yesterday?  Are your attitudes and character better?  Are you a better husband or wife?  A better father or mother? A better worker? 

You know, we can compete and win in our career and making money, but if we lose our good character by being dishonest or hurting and using others, then we’ve lost the real competition and what’s important. The real measure of success is not what you HAVE, but what you ARE as a person. 

What kind of heart and character do you have?  What kind of relationships do you have with other people?  If you’ve allowed yourself to compete against others and you’ve done dishonest things or hurt people. 

Why not ask Jesus to forgive you today and start changing your heart and way of living?  Then you can learn to compete only against yourself and win every time! Just Think a Minute …

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