What’s wrong with these people?

Dear Editor,

Re: Customary land consultations in Savai’i

"The Western - educated elite are failing to guard the rights of our people."

"these supposed guardians of the people are the traitors trading away the rights of the people of Samoa. A day of reckoning is coming."

There's no doubt about these statements due to hunger for power to take over and control, with money, creed and fame. 

But the most damaging of all is when our leaders knowingly and purposely misleading our people while our people ignorantly and blindly follow enticed by the dollar signs that they end up losing the most valuable and priceless assets of their families. We should learn from Hawai'i and other countries that even if you own a home and the land that sits on; you still have to pay property tax every year until Jesus comes. When people fail to do so, the government takes possessions of them.

Too many of our people went to be educated overseas and then returned home with some Drs. or Masters degrees and ignored their humble beginning.  

They start writing some weird stuff about how our culture is such and such, our ancestors lacked the tofa mamao and utaga loloto to investigate matters within the village and then pronounced their proper punishment, or how our culture sacred covenant has been replaced by the church and missionaries sacred assignment. 

Did these people live in Samoa or did they just hear of some stories? Or perhaps they are trying to help the governments out with their customary land proposals given themselves title of Drs or Masters, that their writing tells otherwise. Tear up those paper degrees and go work the land it'll do you wonders. 


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