P.M. has totally missed the mark

Dear Editor,

I think the P.M missed the mark in his response to complaints about the hospital by miles.

According to the complaint by Ms. Lei Sam, it is lack of bed and being comfortable while you wait. It is a hospital. Just like how we treat the house of worships in Samoa, we should expect the same from a hospital. It’s a house of healing and comforting.

People will have to wait to some degree. It all depends on the volume of people checking in that day. 

But making someone comfortable while in pain is the key part of the complaint.

When I checked into an Emergency Room, all I want is to have the nurse put me in a comfortable surrounding to help me ease my pain. Doctors are not always readily available. Sometime, people just want to be comfortable. Sometime, you can make a decent recover when you know you are in a “CARING” surrounding.

According to Ms. Lei Sam, she offered her bed to an elderly man since the man was laying on the FLOOR in a Hospital. This is about the lack of hospital beds for the sick.

The P.M is so out of touched with the common man and, he thinks he is above all. He considers himself the most important person in our country. How many times he was flown out of the country to N.Z under an Emergency Heath Scare to the P.M. This P.M continues to fail our people. The same people that pays for his doctor’s bill in N.Z when he is ill.

Perhaps they can pass a bill that states: Whenever a government Cabinet member or the P.M is fallen ill, Samoa citizens must vote to approved if he/she can be flown to N.Z for medical attention on the tax payer money. 

T. Samatua 

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