Live before you leave

Think a minute…They say, “The greatest risk is not taking one.” Why is it when we grow up and become adults, we stop sticking our necks out and taking chances?

Yet, at the end of our life, we’ll probably regret the things we did not do more than the things we did.

Remember all the new things in life you learned to do that were big risks the first time you did them? Your first time to swim, your first time to ride a bicycle, your first time to drive a car. Some of the things we do all the time now seemed almost impossible before we did them the first time.

The great French leader, Napolean, said: “The word impossible is found only in the dictionary of fools and failures.” So ask yourself: “Is the word impossible in the dictionary of my life?” Do you say “I can’t” more often than you say “I can?” Sometimes “you have to go out on a limb if you want to get the best fruit!”

We have to learn to be comfortable with uncomfortable challenges, because we can’t discover new oceans unless we’ve got the courage to lose sight of the shore. We need to believe that the best jobs haven’t been found yet, and the best work hasn’t been done yet.

But we can’t have the life we want if we don’t change the life we have. A successful woman said: “A bad habit never goes away by itself; it’s always an undo-it-yourself project.” Smart people sometimes change their minds—but fools never do.

So we have to leave our comfort zone if we want to reach a new kind of success. Don’t allow yourself to be buried alive in your comfort zone, like many people do. It’s OK to use your comfort zone to rest in, but not to live in.

So after you’ve recharged your energy, leave your comfort zone to move on to your next challenge. Remember, God never puts limits on your faith, so your faith should never put limits on Him. Faith is not afraid of failing; faith is afraid of not even trying.

So why not ask Jesus Christ to give you His faith and power to step out and start changing your life today? If you ask Him to take charge, then He will help you fully live your life—before you leave it. Just Think a Minute…

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