Equal society is a safer society

Dear Editor,


Thank you for your editorial titled: “Pensioner’s death is not normal. Where are your values Samoa?”  

I continue to say that the more equal a society is economically the safer the society is for everyone. 

You will never achieve absolute economic equality and I don’t even know if this is desirable but a smaller gap between the wealthy and the poor equals a safer society. 

This must be addressed through intervention by a government who cares for the people by trying to achieve some economic balance. 

If the P.M. wants to do this he can because he has a majority and can basically do whatever he wants this term. He needs to make it a priority. 

Do a comparative study on any society, the larger the gap between the rich and the poor the more social problems.

 Look at the US, the larger the gap is growing the more problems the country is facing. Scapegoating of the blacks and muslims in the US is comparable to the scapegoating done to the Jews in Germany by the Nazi’s. 

The more economic inequality is being left unaddressed in Samoa the more I hear rumbling of scapegoating of the Chinese. In the US of late this gap has resulted in the likes of Donald Trump, a person running for a presidential nomination fueling fear, hatred and violence. 

Look at NZ, Canada, Australia, smaller gap due to better social programs equals less violence. 

I know I cant compare a developed nation with a developing nation but there are simple truths no matter the economy of your country. The Samoan people need to pressure their democratically elected Government to address its growing gap if they want to live safe. 

The government needs to invest in its human future by addressing child poverty, and insuring these children get an education and good health care or they will just become the next group of disenfranchised, poor, hopeless, adults who resort to drugs, alcohol and crime to get their needs met. No amount of praying and church attendance will solve this issue. 

It is an economic issue not a spiritual issue. The disenfranchised resort to drugs and alcohol to stop the pain of their economic disadvantage and then all hell breaks loose. 

This is not only a family problem, this is a societal problem. Yes it happens in safer countries but look at how often it is happening in a small country like Samoa with a population of 200,000. Something needs to be addressed. 

This poor woman. The terror she must have experienced.


Wendy Wonder

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