Mother asks for water help

By Pai Mulitalo Ale 18 November 2016, 12:00AM

Fatima Purcell and her children have one wish for Christmas.

The 40-year –old mother and her four children who live at Samusu-uta, Aleipata, are desperate for water.

“Water is the source of life, you can go without electricity but you can’t go without water every day.” 

According to Mrs. Purcell their water supply has not been working for two months.

 “This is not normal, it used to be for two or three days, but it’s been two months,” Purcell told the Village Voice. 

The issue has already been reported to the Samoa Water Authority. But they were told there is not enough water in the water dam. Purcell says they don’t make much money but they are happy with their lives.

However, the water issue is a real pain. The family’s normal routine is fetching water to cater for them during the day and the next day until the kids get back from school. 

“It’s a long walk to the place to fetch water, but we have no choice,” she said. 

Purcell said the only time she can fetch water is when her children get back from school.

“And there’s a lot to take with me, including my two little ones.” 

She said she can never let her 13 year old daughter go alone to get water.

“But we have to store water for our daily needs, like the bathroom and to prepare our food and wash our dishes and of course drinking water.”

“And water that’s left we store it for my children to use in the morning before they go to school. 

“That is what we’ve been doing every day for the past two months.” 

 “Only when it rains then we rest.” 

Apart from the limited access to water supply, life in the village is very peaceful for Mrs Purcell and her children. 

During the day, Purcell stays home with her two young children to prepare food for the ones in school. Purcell’s husband is currently in Australia under the Government Seasonal Scheme for six months. 

By Pai Mulitalo Ale 18 November 2016, 12:00AM

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