Bob Sheridan predicts Lupesoliai to win by K.O.

By Seti Afoa in Christchurch 21 July 2016, 12:00AM

It is going to be a walk in the Park for Joseph Parker versus Solomon Haumono tonight. A nice park too right here where I am staying across from Hagley Park North. A beautiful day it is. You would not know it was mid-winter in the Garden City.

And despite all the hoopla and the usual circus around a major fight, the word of the wise is, Joseph Parker will win by KO.

This is none other than the veteran Boxing guru The Colonel Bob Sheridan calling the fight as he sees it ending at the Horncastle Arena.

In my interview with the Colonel at the Weigh In at the Christchurch Casino, Sheridan was quick to first point out the positives on Parker’s opponent. He has lost a tonne of weight from two months ago. I must add here Bob Sheridan has been ringside on a few of Haumono’s fights, including his last bout two months ago against Manuel Alberto Pucheta. Sol won that by KO. He also pointed out Haumono’s agility as a professional sportsperson. And most definitely that he has a big punch that would floor anyone that gets in the way.

However, even with Haumono possessing all that armoury and the many of his own knock out victories in his wake, Sheridan was adamant and clear cut on who is going to win tomorrow night – Parker by KO! That was the ending of my brief interview with him.

SA: Give us your call on the fight?

CBS: Joseph by KO.

SA: Are you saying the fight won’t go the distance?

CBS: That is right, Joseph will win by knock out.

My interview with the Colonel took place before the official weigh in. And as though he had already informed Haumono of tonight’s outcome even before the weigh-in, Sheridan took to the stage when introduced. 

He was beaming about the possibility of Parker fighting Anthony Joshua for the IBF Heavyweight belt. This was right at the start of the formalities at the Christchurch Casino, and before the fighters came out for the official weigh-in and mandatory stare-down.

Haumono does not help things when he is introduced. He speaks as though he is hedging bets on both sides.

I have had two interviews with Haumono now, when he was pressed on who would win Haumono never deviates from his own script, “I believe I can knock out Joseph, and he can knock me out too.”

On the Parker camp, trainer Kevin Barry is busy dealing out possibilities for tonight. Mainly that Joseph could be beaten, by a lucky punch.

He cites the example of Alex Leapai who fought Denis Boytsov who was 33-0 and Leapai beat him in a unanimous decision to earn the right to fight Vladimir Klitchko for the heavy weight title.

Barry was at pains to remind us of the long odds against Leapai when he fought Boytsov, yet he, Leapai, won and went on to fight Klitchko. The same could be the fate of his charge against Haumono.

Then the weigh-in. The two heavyweights looked more like they were preparing for a brotherhood meeting than a rumble in the arena. They were kindly asked to do a proper stare down as though they were going to tear each other apart. 

The stare down might have been for a second, and that is all it was. Joseph and Solomon then resumed filial leanings and did the Roman brotherhood grasp. They embraced to end the stare down. 

The NZ TAB does not help matters either. Joseph Parker is paying $1.01 to win. Solomon Haumono is paying $15.00. With those odds, no one is going to put money on Parker, to win 1cent for every dollar invested. Money on Haumono however, could be a lucky hunch, or punch.

By Seti Afoa in Christchurch 21 July 2016, 12:00AM

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