Our dilemma with helping Samoa

Dear Editor,

It will be an honor to be on the same side with good people. 

However it is quite an impossibility right now to be part of the dog eat dog world of Samoan politics for few reasons. 

We from overseas have to contend with some H.R.P.P bogus laws prohibiting Samoans living overseas from running for Parliament eg, monotaga. We can’t even vote from overseas, we have to fly to Samoa to register so the odds are always against us. 

Even Samoans living in Samoa have been incapacitated by this monotaga law even though the law describes monotaga as ‘service’, the law is so bogus and crooked. It fails to understand that you don’t need to help anyone for years before you can describe good deeds as ‘service’. 

Well we from overseas are serving Samoa by sending remittances and contributing to Samoa’s economy as well through foreign aid (donations from Aotearoa’s taxpayers) we will always be treated unfairly just like how they’re denying the poor their rights as citizen to better standards of living. 

Any Samoan from overseas (except jokers and clowns) contribute more to Samoa’s economy than government officials because we are feeding the population and helping the economy which creates tax revenues which helps pay for the salaries and perks of these souls in the government. 

But there’s no recognition for our service because they’re used to getting handouts and any new ideas are viewed as a threat to those privileges and is aggressively suppressed by these dubious laws. 

Also I need my superannuation fund to reach maturity so that I can give hundreds of dollars to village councilors just to satisfy the requirements of ‘monotaga’ even though we are serving our country from overseas, this dubious law concerning monotaga requires people to be ‘visible’ in the village for three years. 

So I will have to be really financially prepared for these challenges.

And it’s really hard to find a factory job in Samoa. The most popular ones are not factory jobs but politicians and faifeaus and both professions are destroying the fabric of Samoan society right now because of ‘immorality’ so there’s no real option there to help support the family while I consider new ways of ‘serving’ the people.

So for now, I will have to say let’s be patient and continue our service from abroad. There are a few of us from overseas (not including clowns and short sighted people) who are bringing a different perspective to the locals and the people are actually talking about corruption in government and Church bondage. Which is a sign of people slowly accepting the fact that they deserve better treatment from these pillars of society than what they’re getting right now. 

I do consider ‘education’ in the form of reliable information as the key in winning over a crowd. I think that’s how Arab spring came along, right?


Le Mafa P

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