Take your medicine

Think a minute…A successful writer named Norman Cousins became terminally ill. He was told he had only six months to live and that his chance of surviving was only 1 in 500. He felt that his past lifestyle of worry, fear and anger had partly caused his disease, so he wondered: “If sickness can be caused by negative, bad thinking and emotions, can good health be caused by positive ones?” 

He decided to try an experiment. He knew that laughter is one of the most powerful and positive emotions; so he started watching funny movies and TV programs. He read humorous stories and asked his friends to tell him all the jokes they knew. Norman Cousins was in so much pain at night that he could not sleep, but after laughing for just five to ten minutes he was able to sleep for several hours. Norman fully recovered from his illness and lived another 20 years, happy and healthy. “Some diseases may be contagious, but none is as contagious as the cure: laughter.”

Many studies have shown that laughter greatly helps people who are sick with cancer. Laughter activates powerful, natural chemicals in our bodies that improve both our physical condition and our emotional happiness. Laughter relieves the stress and strain of your life. It loosens your tight nerves and restores your strength to go on and handle your daily duties. Plus, it makes life a lot more fun! So if we want to live long, and well, we need to learn to laugh a little. ”He who laughs…lasts.” As the Latin proverb says: “If you’re wise, you’ll laugh.” 

Our Maker shows us through the Bible how to live a healthy, happy life. The Bible instructs us to laugh because “laughter is medicine.” When we do not laugh regularly, we keep bottled up inside all of our anger, bitterness, frustration, worry and fear; and it continues to fill our body with poison that makes us sick. So take your medicine and laugh a little. Better yet, laugh a lot! The One who can give you deep joy inside to keep laughing every day is your Creator. Won’t you ask Jesus to take charge of your heart, thinking and living? As you learn to live His way every day, you can laugh your way to real, lasting happiness and health. Just think a minute…

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