What’s best for Samoa

Re: Diagnosis of what’s happening in Samoa 

Yes look only at the election results but don’t look at how the election results came to be that way. 

Look at the prize but don’t look at the consequences. What we want to know is how the election results came to be that way. 

The Samoan election was not won by luck but by human design - with lots of money involved - but where did all the money come from? 

We want an analysis of the election events leading up to the results. Was the election done fairly and legally? Is having the P.M. and H.R.P.P leading the country the best for Samoa and its future? 

Is there a better alternative? Because in the end someone has to pay for all the decisions (right and wrong) made by the P.M. and H.R.P.P. 

Just because we keep asking the right questions do not mean we are against Samoa, this is further from the truth. 

We love Samoa so much and hope for the best for every citizen of Samoa so that is why we (from this point of view or angle) have to keep seeking for answers whether it’s painful to see and hurtful to hear. If we keep letting the beast do whatever it wants without any self-control the beast will come back and eat us all up.


Keith Alderson 

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