Put the questions to the Board

Dear Editor,

Re: S.N.P.F Chief writes

I agree that I, similar to other contributing members of the S.N.P.F., need answers to legitimate concerns. 

The answers from the C.E.O. are slightly more detailed than the response from one of the division heads in the organisation.

Since the issues raised are important to me (and others), I humbly request that they be escalated to the board of directors. They have been silent so far on the matters raised in the letters to the editor.

I am absolutely certain that the C.E.O is a capable and able manager of the organisation but, aren’t the final decisions on these big loans made by the board based on the recommendations from her? 

Shouldn’t we hear from the chairman of the board about his views on these issues or is the C.E.O now the spokesperson for the board? 

The board of directors get to have their pictures in the annual report and some of them get paid allowances, etc. 

Surely it would be useful to hear from one of them, apart from the C.E.O.

Does the board actually play a role in approving these loans or does it just rubber-stamp the recommendations from the C.E.O?

If it is the latter, is there a point in having a board? 

I, as a shareholder (the definition of a contributor) has a right to raise these issues and questions. Please don’t confuse legitimate concerns with negative attitudes, they are quite different.


Vai Autu

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