Samoa the real loser

Dear Editor,

Re: Investor threatens action against Govt.

Of all the mistakes PM Tuilaepa and his H.R.P.P govt have made, this is the biggest of all in the 30 years since they’ve come into power. 

How on earth did PM Tuilaepa sign a contract with a solar company for US$0.33 cents per unit, which is equivalent to around 0.84 sene? 

The maximum payment per unit for any foreign solar company is supposed to be 15 sene.

Deals like this one is the reason why I kept saying PM Tuilaepa is not an economist and his MPs are not all there.

How on earth can PM Tuilaepa not see that this company is selling the solar power to the American public for US$0.06 cents per unit and the fossil fuel energy is sold for US$0.11 cents per unit? 

And yet this SfS company is selling the solar for US$0.33 cents per unit to our people? Solar power was supposed to help reduce the cost of electricity but instead, they’re sucking up everything including the profits and the people are paying for it. Expect the cost of electricity to rise again real soon to compensate for SfS’s demand.

Many times I’ve said before if Samoa was to rely or negotiate with foreign countries or foreign investors, then we need/must have leaders who have an understanding and in depth knowledge of international politics and the pros and cons of how foreign businesses operate.

This solar company Samoa for Samoa (SfS) is now robbing the people of this nation right under PM Tuilaepa’s nose without him knowing. 

Now PM Tuilaepa has woken up from his snooze and realized E.P.C’s money is gone. Whichever way this negotiation goes, Jack Curtis will be the one benefitting from it – not Samoa. 

Now Jack Curtis is going after the E.P.C money and he will get it all and both the govt and the person who brought him and his business into the country will get nothing, and the govt of Samoa can’t do anything about it. 

In Curtis’s eyes, PM Tuilaepa is the ant and he (Curtis) is the lion. Curtis can bankrupt Samoa with a stroke of a pen, overnight and I’ll tell you why.

Jack Curtis is the General Manager for SfS but he’s a lawyer for the biggest law firm in New York , Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, as well as for Allens Arthur Robinson, a law firm based in Sydney. 

PM Tuilaepa and his government saw Jack Curtis as just another investor but they didn’t see who he really is nor did they see who is really behind him. 

This is why I’ve written a lot of articles to the govt that for any investor that comes into the country, it is imperative they research thoroughly the background history of the investor /company before they’re considered or allowed to invest in Samoa.

Lets’ go back to Jack Curtis. Prior to being employed by First Solar, he is with Goldman Sachs which is an investment company and a financial institute – one of the biggest in the world with its headquarter based in New York. 

Its building is right next to where the Twin Towers once were. They employ former PMs and Presidents from around the world. Even the former president s of International Monetary Fund (I.M.F) and Asian Development Bank are on their pay roll. They employ the most powerful people in the world so they can influence first world country leaders around the world when it comes to getting what they want.

It happened to Greece. When Greece was in financial trouble, Goldman Sachs stepped in and signed the contract with the Greece govt that they’ll bail them out. Greece govt found out later they’ve been robbed. 

Now the Greece taxpayers have to pay $500 million to Goldman Sachs forever. The European Union leaders including Britain knew about this corrupt deal but all kept silent about it. 

This company is untouchable and they can break any International Law or Trading law and get away with it. 

Goldman Sachs was also the same company that orchestrated the 2008 recession which led to the collapse of the Insurance company in America, which former President Obama bailed out with USD$86 Billion. This company is also responsible for creating fake jobs in America to increase America’s employment rate statistics to help with Obama’s presidency campaign as a favor in return for the $86 billion. This same company was also heavily involved in the Panama Papers. Funny how not one leader from around the world mentioned them – that’s how powerful they are.

Back to PM Tuilaepa and SfS’s letter. If the people were to read properly between the lines of this letter from Jack Curtis, it really is a threat to PM Tuilaepa and the H.R.P.P govt telling them, “ If you don’t give what we ask for, we can stop foreign investors, foreign aid and loans for Samoa.” What would you as a leader do in this situation? Nothing! There’s nothing you can do about it but give in.

That’s why PM Tuilaepa said they are still negotiating. Samoa govt is doomed – it’s finished. No wonder why they want to tax the pastors – they are desperate. This govt is made up of fools walking around thinking they are all there but really they are not.

This whole fiasco has nothing to do with E.P.C or the Office of the Regulator (O.O.T.R) – these two tried to put a stop to this but they were powerless. 

The Cabinet is responsible for this stuff up and it warrants a full investigation on the PM himself and the people involved. I will not blame the foreign investor for this – they are here to make money and they did just that.

All this came about because Samoa joined the W.T.O. It gave foreign investors/companies the power to sue Samoa under International Trading laws. This is exactly the reason why Trump pulled America out of the T.P.P – to stop foreign investors from suing America. 

President Trump is for the American people. Do you get it now PM Tuilaepa?



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