Cultural adherence the least of Samoa’s concerns

Dear Editor,


Re: Sad state of my beloved Samoa

The problem in a modern context within Samoa is that certain government officials treat the jobs they are in as 'theirs' and their 'right' when it should be treated as a role to 'serve' and a 'responsibility' to Samoa's citizens. 

H.R.P.P's victory is a mess of dirty politics and agreements and false promises made by an authoritative P.M. and his party.

As for the cultural aspect you are looking at, I must implore you to understand the principles of Samoan culture as opposed to compromises of a chair. 

The bigger issues you should address is that Samoa is now a one party government, no opposition would mean the party can operate without being 'checked' or criticized which is essential for government in areas of transparency and accountability. 

Two opinions make a dialogue and inform sound change, having one is detrimental and I don't think Samoans see that. 

It will take time for Samoans to really understand how bad their government system has gotten; H.R.P.P has masked their activities with justifications via culture, religion and making remarks about how stupid everyone else is. Samoans simple human rights are not looked at, what about the child that made remarks about the P.M., he was arrested by police and made to pay fine, what do you think that is?

I honestly think cultural adherence is the least of your concerns.


Arthur Loren

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