If power corrupts…

Dear Editor,


If Power Corrupts, then P.M Tuilaepa and the H.R.P.P inner circle must be really feeling the pressures given the 'absolute power' the election handed H.R.P.P. 

A hint of this came in the P.M’s radio programme a week ago when he mentioned that he will look into changing the law so that everyone eligible will be required to vote. 

Isn’t this impinging on a freedom protected by the Constitution, Samoa’s Constitution, not the H.R.P.P one? 

Not so long ago it was registration, now the P.M is thinking of forcing people to vote? I’m sure he will come up with reasons for it but he is an experienced and smart politician, he knows he will be flying a plane with a bad altitude. 

I hope it is just a momentary feeling of exaggerated self conceit by being so dominant in the polls. 

Who would not get a heady rush at the rarefied atmosphere where 'absolute power' can take you? Now enamoured with this 'absolute power' are we expecting other corrupt practices as reported on by the Chief Auditor to intensify or committed under a different guise? (The P.M has changed the narrative and it is not corruption anymore as reported by the government audit.)

The polls results amazes as it seem only the Aana Nu.2 people wanted changes like free education and doubling of pension payment while the rest of country wanted to maintain the status quo? 

After thirty odd years of H.R.P.P at the helm there was a feeling that a change of government will be the breath of fresh air needed especially with the Tautua party seeming to have got their act on the road. 

A government change would have been a culmination of all the changes our people have been subjected to like, the driving side, daylight time, dateline , etc.

So it will be H.R.P.P's raisons d`etre for the next five years? 

Which at the end it will be a record 40 years? 

Are we near the promised land yet? 




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