‘Sweet Tooth’ invites you

Pain breeds resilience, a long wait breeds patience and struggle breeds strength.

Nowotta Suhren, the proud Owner of the new bakery ‘Sweet Tooth’ at Vaitele-uta has learnt this the hard way but then after all, dreams don’t come easy.

 “Baking and cooking has always been a passion of mine,” she says.

“I love anything that has to do with the kitchen. Starting off wasn’t easy, as you may know with any business, you have to start small and make it grow by any means necessary.

“Growing my business was a huge struggle for me; but my breakthrough came during the Insel Fehmarn Wine Festival where I put up a big bake sale back in 2012.

“I learnt a lot from there and it was a good experience for me; but ever since then, waiting on people to order was tough.”

Mrs. Suhren gladly gave up everything to pursue her passion for baking.

“I had a fulltime job before I started this,” she said. “It just didn’t feel like my heart was there and I have always wanted to do this; so in 2014 I resigned from my job and began baking from home.

“Facebook was my main marketing strategy because it was free, I took photos and put them up.”

Mrs. Suhren did not take any cooking classes but just like many other successful people, she taught herself everything she needed to know. YouTube and Google were her teachers, and her kitchen was her classroom. 

“All this is just the enhancement of that urge within me to learn from whatever source I can get,” she said. “I practiced a lot at home and learnt along the way and now I am here with my own little bakery.”

“All thanks to God who is my main source of strength, His grace has helped me a lot.”

While growing up, Mrs. Suhren had other plans for her passion in cooking, but those plans needed to change due to a few uncontrollable factors.

“Cooking has always been my strength,” she said. “I have always wanted to have a café but I know that I don’t have the necessary resources and it requires a lot of sacrifices that I cannot afford.

“Having a café would also mean that I would have less time with my family and I don’t want that; but a bakery comes with the whole package so I am satisfied with this.

“With a bakery you would be able to see your schedule ahead and you can play around with time and have some time leftover for your family.

“Whereas a café, it will drain all the time you have.

“I am a very family-oriented person, I love my family and I love baking so this establishment works best for me.”

Mrs. Suhren was always the cook in the family but she didn’t mind; it was a blessing in disguise as it provided her with the experience needed.

“My mom and sisters don’t cook so I am so lucky to have been born with the passion to cook,” she said.

“I thank God for the talent I am blessed with.”

In an ideal business world, starting a business would be smooth; but that was not the case with Mrs. Suhren as she faced her own speed bumps along the way.

“Leading up to this opening, has come with its own set of struggles,” she said.

“Making sure that there’s a lot of choices before people walk in, making ends meet, it was all very tough.

“I’m just worried that people might walk in at 4pm and everything is gone; apart from everything, the biggest struggle was setting up a place for my bakery.”

 “I want to thank the God for all the blessings He has poured on me,” she said.

“Secondly I would like to thank my husband for being my number one supporter; I want to also thank all my family and friends for being there for me.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to my clientele who have shown so much support through orders and so on.”

Mrs. Suhren concluded with a message for all those who struggle with opening their own little business.

“If you know you have the talent and passion, then go for it,” she said.

“Just like me, you will fail every now and then, but you learn from falling. I have failed a lot and I have learnt from that and I am grateful that I am here now.

“Everyone has the option to either stay down or stand back up stronger.

 Go for your dream and never give up.”

“This (bakery)has been years in the making but I am so grateful that the Lord has allowed me to finally make my dream come true.” Contact Nowotta on 7505050 for more information.

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