Like father, like son (Part 2)

Think a minute...A man was driving his car with his son when the father was stopped by a policeman and given a ticket for speeding.

The father was angry all the way home, talking about how he was going to get his friend at the police department to “fix” it so he would not have to pay.

Then, he was going to get revenge by causing trouble for the policeman who gave him the ticket! 

Later, the father realized what a bad example he had been to his son, so he told his son he had said things in anger that he should not have. He then took his son with him to court, admitted he was guilty, and paid the penalty. Your kids will walk as you walk, not as you talk. They follow your ways of living much more than your words about living.

On a Saturday night, a car went off the road killing the young man driving and seriously injuring his 17-year-old girlfriend. When the girl’s parents got to the hospital, they learned that their daughter and her boyfriend had been drinking.

The father left the hospital extremely angry saying, “Wait till I find the person that sold my daughter that whiskey!” When he returned home he saw a note on his liquor cabinet from his daughter: “Dear Dad, I took your whiskey tonight. Hope you don’t mind?”

There is nothing more important in your life than teaching your child by your right example. A young boy was asked on a questionnaire if he was a Christian and he answered: “I’m not a Christian because my father is not a Christian, and I’m the same thing as him.”

Dad, you have the awesome responsibility to show your son how to live the way his Maker created him to live. But you cannot show him Jesus’ way if you are not living that way yourself. Today, you can ask Him to forgive you for living your own, wrong way, and to take full charge of your heart and character.

Then, you can start showing your son God’s way every day, both with your words and your ways. Just think a minute… 

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