Mother praises govt. decision to relocate the Tafa’igata Prison

Meet Elena Niusila from the village of Nu’u-Fou. 

She is 30-years-old and a mother of three children. 

When she was approached by the Village Voice for her opinion on how life is for her and family nowadays, with a smile on her face, Elena said all is well at her end. 

She said she is grateful for all the developments by government. 

She is particularly happy about the initiative by our government to relocate the Tafa’igata Prison to Tanugamalala. 

“As you can see, in our family, we have a lot of young children especially girls,” she said.

“I have three children and living near the Tafa’igata prison has been nothing but a threat for me and my family. 

“I couldn’t help but worry all the time we hear that a prisoner has escaped because I know we live near the prison. 

“And this happens a lot and I always find it hard to sleep at night whenever a prisoner is on the run. 

“It’s a really scary place to live to be honest. Even during day time, we hardly go out of the house because we feel that we are not safe. 

“I am not trying to say that I look down on these people; to me, I worry about the safety of my children, and my family.”

She went on to say that this is one area that should’ve been well-taken care of by our government. 

“Life is great for us here at Nu’u-Fou,” she said. 

“But that’s the only problem because we have been living in fear that one prisoner might break in our house and affect the lives of my children and my family as well. 

“But with this plan by our government, we are so happy and I thank them for this great initiative. “They should prioritise this area for the safety of our people, and make sure that we have a secure prison for the prisoners for the safety of our people.”

Moreover, according to Elena, the other issue faced by the residents of Nu’u-Fou is people dumping rubbish around Nu’u-Fou. “A lot of people treat the uncultivated lands around this area as waste-lands. They just come and throw rubbish here and there not caring about the environment and the people living in this area. 

“We have to remember that we all need to work together for the betterment of our country. 

“Working together is the key factor to a better and a stronger tomorrow for our country. If you don’t want people to come and throw rubbish near your house, then don’t do it to others.”

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