Farming hard towards Christmas

As people scurry around town looking for the best prices for Christmas next week, Peni plans to work hard on his plantation so that his family will have a great Christmas from his earnings.

Hailing from the village of Lauli’i, Peni says that he was never into farming but as time went by, he started to get accustomed to the work.

“I wasn’t always about that farming life,” he told the Village Voice.

“I was employed before and I had my plantation work on the side. As time went one, I noticed that I was making a bit more from my plantation work than from my actual job.

“So with that in mind, I started to focus all of my time on farming. Once I stopped working, I started to feel out the farming work and see if it was worth it, and it is.”

Not long after Peni left his job to be a farmer, he explained the joy he felt knowing that he could possibly make more money through crop sales.

“When I finally got into farming full time, I felt happy,” he began.

“That joy increased once I started to take my crops to the market to sell for a little extra money for the family. Once I started to make good money, I decided this would be my work for a long time.

“I may have a lot of chores to do each day, but I will never miss the plantation visit; it’s become my livelihood.”

Peni says that his mind has always been on his plantation since he first started his lifestyle as a farmer.

“It’s funny because I would sleep at night and my mind would be on my taro that I had planted,” he said.

“I would look forward to the morning so I can visit and work at my plantation. I would wake up early and make my way to check on the taro and bananas.

“Right now I am having thoughts of possibly expanding my plantation to also accommodate some vegetables. I want to try making full use of my land.”

Even with a few of his family members holding down steady jobs, Peni says it makes him happy knowing that the money he makes on a daily basis is more.

“I admit that I have a big family with a lot of people working,” he said.

“But I feel that I can make more than they do. When you approached me, I was actually heading to my plantation so I can do some quick work before the sun gets too hot.

“But yes, back when I first started my plantation, it was tough. But I got used to the work and now it’s a piece of cake to me.”

And even with a few issues hindering his work, the young farmer says that his hard work will go towards giving his family a great Christmas this year.

“The only issue I face right now is the livestock of other families,” he said.

“The cows owned by other families come and stomp on my crops and it’s very annoying. But this is what farmers have to go through I guess.

“This work will hopefully give my family a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

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