Religions have been misled

Dear Editor,

With all due respect, I would like to respond to le afioga ale Tupufia Afamasaga Toleafoa’s article concerning what I wrote a week ago about an article titled; “Ancient mysteries reveal the future.”

First and foremost, I would like to apologize if I offended anyone in this forum. I think what I said was taken out of context. What I mean was that my real true intention is to enlightened my Samoan family to know the other side of the story about religion that was kept secret from us.

What I was alluding to is the fact that all religions that subscribe to a historical Jesus have been misled by the “Mother Church” of Babylon, the Catholic Church of Rome who created this fiction for political and economic domination of the world. I will justify that argument next time due to lack of time.

The stories in the bible are astrological treaties of the stars or the gospels of the stars (macrocosm) written allegorically and metaphorically in relation to the human body (microcosm) written in literary style of writings.

The personification of such characters as Jesus being the SUN and the Apostles being the twelve houses of the zodiac and the four gospels are the four season of the year was well known throughout antiquity as Astro-Theology.

As the sun rises up through the equatorial line or the horizon each morning to do it’s daily routine visit to each twelve houses of the Zodiac hence visiting the Apostles, the signs in their postal degrees will react to it as positive and negative creating the two polarities, day vs night, light vs darkness etc,etc.

The Sun, the Cause and the effect is the sound wave or the ecliptic path of the sun influencing the electric and magnetic polarity to produce the day, the year and the four seasons of the year. You quoted Mathew 28:19 “......I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” The end of an age is literally the end of the Piscean age or pisces the two fish (Christianity) which ended in 21 dec, 2012.

Luke 22:10 (paraphrasing) During the last supper when Jesus disciples supposedly asked him; What are we going to do now since you’re leaving us? Jesus response was, go into the city, there is a man with a pitcher of water, follow him in his house. This is as clear as a day light what this scripture means, that Jesus (sun) in the constellation of picses is leaving the scene and a new constellation of Aquarius (the water bearer) is taking its place.

That ‘s what most churches believe the times is.

The right ascension of the SUN on zero degree declination latitudinally represented by the constellation of AIRES the RAM hence the lamb of God in the scriptures is signified by the man lying flat on the equatorial line called Adam kadmon in Kabbalah with the head represented as Aires the Ram. And a lot more information that I don’t have the time to explain.

That is Astrotheology in a nut shell that unify all truths about everything that encompasses universal principles of as above so below, other than division that religion offers by one claiming the truth while the other is false.

Ma le fa’aaloalo lava,


Leituala Roger B.

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