Time for an Inquiry

Re: Police row 

I knew it. There is something fishy going on with those Senior Police Officers who are trying really hard to get rid of the Commissioner. 

I know and I respect that the Cabinet has made their quick yet biased decisions regarding the suspension of the Commissioner again because of some Senior Police Officers including the Acting a.k.a. Wannabe Commissioner. 

So, the big question here is - Is our Government going to turn a blind eye to this letter and treat as a ghost letter for real? 

Come on, these types of letters are telling the truth, but it is just a matter of protecting the whistle blower and his/her loved ones from any harm that could possibly happen if they reveal their names to you corrupt people. 

It is time to clean this old mess or we will forever face the consequences of corruption in our Police Force. If the government of Samoa or the Cabinet ever hide this letter or turn a blind eye to this letter, and make excuses like it’s a ghost letter blahX3, then all the stories about the corruption of our Samoa government that people around the world are talking about is accurate. 

If I’m a Prime Minister or a President of those big countries, I will definitely cease all funds donated to Samoa government assisting them in building and enforcing their public security. 

So please set up a Commission of Inquiry and investigate every single one of them, no favoritism or faiga aiga, should also investigate the recruitment of these people. To be continued


A Mary 

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