An open letter to the Police and their Minister

Dear Editor,

I would like to ask the Assistant Chief Executive Officer in charge of the Legal Division in the Police Department some questions:

1) Did you provide written or verbal advice to the Commissioner of Police (P.C.) on all matters that are raised in the “ ghost” letter  which was sent to the Prime Minister?

2) If you have in your possession written advice on the matters raised in the “ghost” letter, why did you not quote them?

3) Do you agree that the P.C. should exercise his discretionary powers to do what he deems fit to protect the  Police Officers under his watch when it comes  to raids on drug pushers and situations that could present danger? Even in public places, people carry guns and knives - do you and your gang know those facts? Or are you living in La La land?

4) Were there Police officers killed in drug raids in villages? (My answer is a big” Yes”.) Do you disagree with Acting P.C. Samoa Mulinuu Samoa when he said Police Officers need not carry firearms in villages and public places? 

If you agree with him, do you have the facts to support Police Officer Samoa? Or is it a wild theory?

5) Have you not sworn or lusted in uniform? God is your witness?

6) Concerning the raid in the market; did you and other A.C.E.O.’s vet the intel from the officers who gathered the info? Did you as the lawyer, legal front man in the management raise questions on the market raid and is there evidence to support you? Did you advise the P.C. not to go ahead with the raid? 

Why blame the P.C. for poor intel? Isn’t market raid a judgemental call rather than a straight jack- sit- behind the desk study of facts after all that is the nature of the beast? It is an operation?  Or was it an orchestrated move to derail his position?

7) Did you support the P.C. or did you actively undermine him by not working with him on these matters?

8) What are you? Do you disagree with the views of the majority of the Samoan people that you and your gang are “lotoleaga under-achievers”+ eg  because you did not  get the P.C. job?

9) Finally, don’t you realise the “ghost” letter contains evidence that P.C. Fuiavailili could use for civil suits against  you and your rot?

Now, the implication of this development for  public interest.  

The “ghost” letter is public evidence that  these police officers are not suitable to be in the Police Department. Are these  management officers  including the  junior officers in the Police the “ breeding ground” for a COUP  in the government?

My question to you, Acting Commissioner Samoa Mulinuu and the legal frontman in the Police -  in the recent “gangland” like  lockdown on  P.C. Fuiavailii  after he was cleared by the Court- what did you two advise the Minister of Police Sala Fata Pinati? 

In our view, the 10 charges against P.C. Fuiavailili are frivolous ones and are self inflicting and attract the charges of a- mole -in- some- under cover operation undermining the police work in the department.  

This is criminal behaviour in an institution like the Police Department where we the citizens of Samoa  for instance expect upright characters in uniform.  

Your move is ground for civil suits by P.C. Fuiavailili against your group  and  Minister Sala Pinati? As you all agreed in your “ghost letter”, only the P.C. under the Police Act makes  the decisions on  these matters. 

Well the P.C. has made his decisions on these matters, so you all should have  gotten  your ass into gear, support  and do your work. If you failed to advise him in accordance with your job description, blame yourselves. Don’t blame the P.C. You suffer from some Freudian problems of the mind? In that connection, we remind you that P.C. Fuiavailili is not a foreigner. Your group twisted his work at L.A.P.D. in America as a punching bag like he knows only policing in America and not qualified to policing work in Samoa.  P.C. Fuiavailili is an old boy of Avele College. He is a proud Samoan from the district of Palauli. He is a competent, experienced, morally-right, street-smart, God-fearing cop who is just doing his job. His family like many families have helped build this country.

As for the Minister of Police, he should resign from his position as protocol and acceptable norm of ministerial behaviour in a civilised democratic society would dictate. 

If not he should be sacked. His decision which the “mutineers” in the Police Department cited as authority in the lockdown on P.C. Fuiavailili makes it abundantly clear that he publicly  challenged and humiliated   Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi  who rightly reinstated after the  Court hearing cleared P.C. Fuiavailili of any wrong doing to full duty.   

And the P.M. is absolutely right. He has the authority under law to do so and Cabinet has a F.K. on P.C. Fuiavailili’s  appointment  in the first instance as Commissioner of  Police of the Independent State of Samoa.    

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele has the authority and good judgment to reinstate P.C. Fuiavailili after the Court cleared his name under the West Minister Cabinet system of government. That is proper and good governance. The dots and the commas don’t matter anymore.



In support of P.C. 

Fuiavailili E. Keil

District of Palauli, Savaii

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