Why Pastors should be taxed

Dear Editor,

Re: Give to Caesar what belongs to him 

It’s always about “fairness”, church as we all know is one of the most lucrative and popular employment in the country. 

Why shouldn’t they pay their dues to the country and people, the V.A.G.S.T or whatever their paying for their daily bread is unfair to justify because they are fed around the clock by the villagers so villagers are always the taxpayer. 

They have access to public amenities and use infrastructures, pension but yet they contribute very little in terms of taxes.

If a common man lives off the sweat of another man, we call it as it is and that is “ai afu” 

Why can’t we say the same thing about faifeaus and their tax-free lifestyles?

Let’s not forget that faifeaus are susceptible to chronic illnesses because of their carefree lifestyles so they use the healthcare system more than any other employment industry out there. 

So they should be taxed like the poor man in the village who’s paying V.A.G.S.T everyday and supporting the easy life of the faifeau.

A.C.C should raise their levies as well because the church industry is costing the country a lot of money with very little contribution to the public coffers coming from that direction. 

That’s because their people tend to self harm themselves through their carelessness to look after themselves instead of injuries caused by unpreventable accidents and real life threatening situations that cause sicknesses.

Tatou togi ma’a fa’atasi e maua ai se fa’avae lelei mo Samoa ae le o le togi ma’a o isi tagata ae nofonofo isi tagata. That’s my two sene ma ia manuia fo’i le aso.


Le Mafa P.

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