It was the will of the people

Dear Editor,

Re: A profound diagnosis of what’s happening in Samoa

The Samoan people overwhelmingly voted in this H.R.P.P government by an absolute landslide at the 2016 general election.

If you have a problem with the democratic will of the people, take it up with the Constitution of Samoa, which sets out that elections must be held to choose the next government.

47 seats to 3.

It is the largest electoral victory in Samoan history. It is a thumping. A clear sign that the people of Samoa are quite happy with Tuilaepa’s government (for whatever reason).

If you are flabbergasted at how the H.R.P.P can be voted into power again then I invite you to be even more stupified at how Donald Trump was voted into power in the world’s only superpower. 

That is the greatest shell shock in the history of elections. Most of the world (except the Russians and Israelis) are stunned that such a lunatic could be voted into the White House. 

Then the facts of the election revealed themselves in broad daylight. 

In Donald Trump’s case, 3 million more people voted for the other candidate - Hillary Clinton. In Samoa’s case, 90% of voters voted for the H.R.P.P. 

A minority of Americans put Donald Trump into power whereas an overwhelming majority of Samoans returned the H.R.P.P to government. The “will of the people” indeed.


PS Jeffrey

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