A nation with big loving hearts

Although we struggle sometimes, offering a helping hand to others who struggle could prove to be rewarding in more ways than one.

For Elika Levao, from the village of Saleimoa and Malifa; whenever he helps others in need he would receive blessings.

Aged 40, Elika is a taxi driver and according to him, life is not that bad if you remain positive.

“I like what life is like in Samoa right now; we serve a lot and we are rewarded,” he told the Village Voice. “You know sometimes I would give people rides that do not have enough to pay me and then one day when they get money they will just come and give it to me. “I would also drop off family members and when they pay me later on, it’s more than what the ride was worth.”

According to Elika, being a taxi driver has improved over the years.

“I know that this work is alright but there are so many people driving taxis nowadays,” he said.

“Yes there are many cars out there but I thank the Lord each time that I get passengers. I also thank the Lord that the types of passengers we have now are really good.

“It’s not like back in the days we would get so many stupid people asking for taxi rides. 

They have learnt and are now accustomed to being in a car.”

And no matter how hard he works, he will always have a few bad days.

“Every day is different and I would have both bad and good days,” Elika said.

“On good days I would make a little over $100 but that isn’t like before where we would make so much more. 

The money I make every day is just enough to refill the car and then buy food for the family.

“Most of my family’s spending is around the children. The little I make goes right to the Children’s food and educational costs.”

The only problem Elika has is with the government’s decision to install taxi meters.

“I don’t know what’s going on with the Taxi meters rule they are implementing because no one has come around to pass the cars yet,” he said.

“Having taxi meters is both a problem and something good. 

The problem is that we taxi drivers are very soft and loving so we sometimes give rides to people who don’t have enough money.

“There will always be people who come and have enough money and those who do not have enough but the meters will show a fixed amount.

“To be honest I don’t know how it will be with the taxi meters so the only thing I can do is just wait for the time it starts.”

But all in all, life is great for Elika.

“Other than that; life is great,” he said. “I would drive my taxi around during the day and never at night because people at night would cause trouble. 

I only drive during the day and I make sure I always get enough rest for the next day.

“My future plans are just to trust in the Lord. 

Whatever he brings my way I would be happy to accept it and I will serve him and praise him for it.”

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