Thank goodness for hackers

Dear Editor,

I agree with P.S. Jeffrey that tax havens are currently legal but I disagree with you that the O.E.C.D countries will not soon make them illegal. 

The leaders of developed countries are becoming way too powerless within their own borders due to the loss of capital, and their working and middleclass constituents are becoming way too restless. 

Bernie Sanders gaining the support he’s gaining on a platform calling for a revolution on the 1% and Wall Street is very telling that at the next meeting the O.E.C.D leaders are at they will seriously be looking at making these tax havens very illegal. 

Even the rise of Donald Trump is due to the restlessness and discontent of the working and middleclass. Don’t forget that slavery and child labour were once legal in these very same countries because of the belief the elite had that they benefited economically and were entitled to the gains this criminal behavior gave them. 

They are both illegal now no matter how much the greedy, self interested 1% screamed, justified and cried to keep these crimes legal. 

I suspect thanks to the hackers of the Panama papers we will soon see serious measures that outlaw this modern day exploitation and slavery of average people. It’s all too transparent now. It’s these hackers, the Edward Snowdens, and the Julian Assanges that we should all be worshipping these days for saving our lives from the horrors of the most immoral people on earth.

Wendy Wonder

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