Some solutions to Samoa’s problems

Dear Editor,

Here is my point about how life is in Samoa and why tourism is struggling.

 (1) H.R.P.P has been in power for 30 years and we have four planes arriving a day.  Maybe if the H.R.P.P stays in power for another 30 years time, we will increase arrivals by 8 planes a day, which will be a great achievement.

If you have that much patience then good on you.

(2) I am simply pointing out that $20 million, $140million or $200 million (depending on which source you are reading) upgrading the airport is not a good return in investment. Because Hawaii will still get 650,000 visitors a month (and therefore billions of dollars) a year from Japan/Korea/USA/Canada. Fiji will still get 50,000 visitors a month from NZ/Australia. While Samoa gets very few tourists.

The airport is not the problem but the planes arriving. Maximise the use of the airport we have now.

(3) I am not complaining or bad-mouthing anyone. Read my letter again and tell me where am I bad-mouthing anyone or complaining. I am pointing out facts and figures not made up from thin-air. 

Do some research yourself about the facts and give me some figures before you attack the person and not the message.

(4) It doesn't take millions of dollars to renovate the toilets and fix that baggage carousel that breaks down very often to make a first good impression. 

(5) I've been to Fiji and Hawaii and yes they have problems of too many tourists but it is nice to have the problem of too much money too. 

(6) You can promote Samoa all you like and upgrade the airport with $200 million tala but if no planes are arriving means no tourists are coming to Samoa.

All those planes loaded with tourists are flying to Fiji and Hawaii.

(7) When I look at all the photos with hotels, long beaches, etc in Samoa it is eerily empty. 

(8) Samoa being a tax haven (all done by our PM) does not give Samoa a positive reputation.

Personally to you "Bruin:"

 (1) Show me your "Love and Respect" first in what you say before offering this advice. You are revealing yourself as someone who lacks the basics of "Fa'aSamoa." But I will forgive you because you are 1/2 Samoan maybe if you were full Samoan I would have expected a higher standard.

(2) Be careful what you say because what you say reflects more about yourself and your culture then about the other person.

(3) God have mercy on you and Christ be with you.


Keith Alderson 

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