‘Work is demanding but I do it for love and family’

By Aruna Lolani 14 May 2017, 12:00AM

Spare a thought for Foketi Maiava.

While most mothers were spoiled by their children and loved ones yesterday ahead of today, the 57-year-old was working. She is likely to be working today too.

That’s because Foketi needs every penny to ensure her family survives. Her work shifts are unpredictable so when she is required to go, she has no choice.

Foketi is a mother of three. 

“I know my children are less than pleased that I won’t be spending Mother’s Day with them because I got work.” 

“They put on a sad face and say ‘Mom, you’re never home. You’re always working’ and I tell them it’s just me helping their father pay the bills.”

Foketi works at a local store while her husband is a night security guard there too. 

“Sometimes, I get hired for private jobs like babysitting and I rarely turn down a job. So I can’t always be there for my kids.” 

“I know it’s hard but this is life. 

“Our job is what we rely on to make ends meet, so to me personally I don’t want to waste time but to work to have enough for the next day.”

Foketi went on to say, they don’t earn much but they are happy. 

  “Our pay are still not a lot, but at least we could breather better.” 

“We make sure our kids have things they need, it’s hurtful when we can’t provide for them.” 

“I know not everyone can do this but this is how much we love our children and how special they are to us.” 

“So while some mother’s are busy spoiling themselves, doling, shopping but none of that matters.” 

“As long as we have food for today then that’s Mother’s Day to our family.” 

“I will be working because I want to have enough for the next day.” 

Even with the challenges, Foketi says her work is important

 “The work I do is demanding, and it keeps me from my family more than I would like, but it’s essential. I love this work and I intend to keep doing it.”

“I’m thankful to me given a job to at least earn money, because as far as I know finding job is hard nowadays.”

By Aruna Lolani 14 May 2017, 12:00AM

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