Mothers of Samoa are priceless

Ok, so we all love our mothers, but have we ever stopped to think how much they actually do for us?

The meals, the folded clean clothes, the clean house you come back to after a long day at work or school, they don’t clean or cook themselves.

According to Pale Sefo, from the village of Tuaefu, mothers are the unsung heroes of any family.

Pale says that a mother’s role in any family is very important and the rest of the world probably agrees with that.

“I will be blunt with you, if there weren’t any mothers in a family, that family will face many problems,” she told the Village Voice. “To me, the mother is the strength of any family. I say this because a mother’s duty is to keep everything in the family orderly and they prepare everything for those they love.

“They bring their family members together and they provide everything for their children.”

Pale says that a mother’s child will always be her child no matter how old he/she gets.

“No matter how old a child gets, the mother will always do everything for them,” she said.

“They will cook for them, do their laundry, and do everything around the house to make sure their family live as comfortable as possible.

“When the father goes off to work then it’s up to the mother to keep the house clean and take care of the children.”

And of course, coming home to a clean house with hot food on the stove is heavenly for all.

“I know that everyone has experienced the love of a mother,” Pale said.

“When you come home from work or school, you will always find some food waiting for you and many chores around the house are done.

“The bible says that the mother is the life and the precious jewel of any family. You know that a mother isn’t present in the house when the place is very messy.”

And in a Samoan context, a mother is what holds everything together. “It’s funny, even on mother’s day you will find the mothers going and doing most of the chores around the house still,” Pale said.

“A mother’s only wish is for everything within her family to be great. Whenever there are problems, especially with the children, a mother will quickly find a solution. “That’s why I think that mothers are very important in a Samoan family. There are so many things a mother can do that a father can’t.”

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