By Layton Lolo 16 January 2017, 12:00AM

Alone, misplaced

A stranger in unforgiving waters

A light once bright now dim from change

I’m lost


I gaze back at what was once mine

Al I’ve known, taken from me

Set adrift and parting from it all

I reach out my hand to the sorrow before me


I cry out to them but their backs are to me now

They have moved on

This is not what I wanted

I feel tear gently caress my face


I let it fall

Just like my feelings for my past

I can’t hold on

I must continue in my new direction


I face to the horizon

Waiting to see my future

I can’t look back

There is nothing there for me now


I am made a new

And new cannot mix with old

They are opposites

So must my past and I


My understanding has grown

And with it my purpose

I am to move on in order to live

This has to be what right, isn’t it?


Crying seems right

It’s all that I feel like doing

It doesn’t make me weak or lesser than what I am

It’s proof that some emotions are just too hard to hold back


I am far from where I started

I feeling lost and confused

What do I do now?

I’ll settle for glance over my shoulder


Life is like one big boat ride.  It’s frustrating trying to meet the requirements needed to be a part of it, expenses are needed to ensure you a spot somewhere, people joining you on your journey can be unpredictable, you can’t wait long enough for it to get exciting, and along the whole way you might experience a time where you just want to throw up.

I will never forget the literal boat ride in my life that took me to a new home in Savaii about a week ago.  It is wonderful some of the changes that I have experienced and others I could live without.  

“Change isn’t always fun” a good friend said once to me.  Another thing I’ve learned is that sometimes ‘Change’ can also be what someone needs but that person doesn’t know it or want it.  For me, it was all mixed up.  I thought it would be cool to experience a new environment and home but neglected the fact that I would be leaving my friends and most everything I’ve known.

But so far, life in Savaii is, dare I say, FUN! ; A new adventure every day, a new challenge, a new friend, a new perspective on life.  I will continue to see this experience as an adventure because adventures are what I live for; to live somewhere new, to do things differently, to adapt to a new style, to find hidden treasures all around me and to live a new life; that’s an adventure.

So my advice and message would be to take life by the horns and hold on.  Dare to challenge it and fight it, make it fun, love it all, live it up.  That is what life for, and who knows, maybe you’ll be able to start a new life like me.

Peace out!

By Layton Lolo 16 January 2017, 12:00AM

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