Emotional medicine

By Layton Lolo 14 March 2017, 12:00AM

Into misery and woe I go

Steps were taken to get this far

Sacrifices were made that left behind scars

I fight against the Devil’s horde

It’s not my place to question the lord

So into misery and woe I go


Into misery and woe I travel

Hours spent praying and fasting

My hope and tears are everlasting

Words tempt me saying it’s all for not

But the one I follow is the one true God

So into misery and woe I travel


Into misery and woe I walk

My will and desire is all I own

Yet it’s not enough, for I stand alone

The darkness begins to grind at my heart

I am on a path that I don’t know how to start

So into and misery and woe I stumble


Into misery and woe I wander

Betrayal is all around me

I wonder if it is all I will ever see

A tear trickles down a weak façade

Yet I will never leave my God

So among misery and woe I pick up the pieces


Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law?  Well the Law says, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”  Truly there are days where I think that I’m the focus of the Law itself.  

But if I’ve learned anything in this life it’s that there is always a bright side of something dark.

Recently I’ve been, it seems, in a stream of constant trials and disappointments.  

Everything I did just seemed to end miserably; bad news followed one after the other and I worry still that everything will fall apart.  

But also just recently, I’ve found a way that might help when being down is all you are.

When you are in despair, the best way for sure is to show compassion.  

It may sound silly and ridiculous but it’s true.  By helping others and showing compassion in the weak and vulnerable state that you are in, you open yourself to the joy and comfort of giving service to someone in need.  

This reminds me of something I said before on a related topic, Knowing When to Do Something Kind.  

The saying went like this, “Knowing a lot of facts and equations is being smart but knowing when to give someone a hug is being wise.”

I have tried to help and assist my family in any way I can because of my struggles.  So far it has helped in lifting my spirits a little more every day.

So if you feel down and find yourself in a situation where you just want to cry, right then is the best time to start lifting someone else’s spirits, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the answer to someone’s terrible day.

By Layton Lolo 14 March 2017, 12:00AM

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