Perseverance prevails

Think a minute…A university student named Julie Beasely was shot two times with a high powered rifle. The doctors gave her only a 5% chance of surviving. They told her family that if by some miracle Julie lived, she would never walk again. But just a couple of years later Julie Beasely graduated with honors from university. To the amazement of everybody on the day of her graduation, Julie stood up and walked across the stage to receive her degree! 

It is true that work and perseverance pay big profits. Our problem is that we want a quick, easy answer. But life simply does not work that way. A wise man said:  “Patience and perseverance may be bitter, but its final fruit is sweet.” Larry Bird is considered one of the greatest basketball players in history. He says it is simple:  “If you keep doing your best every day, then good things are going to happen to you.”  We often think of great artists and musicians as being brilliant geniuses who just naturally and easily perform without practice or effort. But the truth is that they keep working hard every day fully developing their natural gift until they finally produce their masterpieces.  

Michelangelo’s painting called Last Judgment is considered by many to be one of the 12 greatest paintings in all of history. It took him 8 years to paint and more than 2,000 drawings to finally get it right. Leonardo da Vinci took 10 years to do another one, his famous painting The Last Supper. In fact, many days he worked nonstop and forgot to eat! When the great pianist Paderewski was an old man, he still practiced piano 6 hours or more every day. Someone said to him: “You must have a great amount of patience.”  Paderewski answered:  “I do not have any more patience than other people. It is just because I use mine.”  For almost 50 years Paul Harvey was the most listened to radio speaker in America. He said that every program he wrote was edited and rewritten word-for-word approximately 50 times! Someone said: “Winners are simply people who are willing to work more than losers.”  

Why not ask Jesus to start changing your way of living and working? He will help you to become more disciplined and diligent, so that every day you will persevere and work to make His plan for success work for you.  Just think a minute… 

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