Christians who act in unchristian manner

Dear Editor, 

Re: Is Samoa a Christian nation?

Wow, what a read... interesting, often off subject and obviously written by a scholarly author.

To answer the question, I think Samoa is a Christian nation, but does not act in a Christian manner.

With almost all of the population aligning with a Christian church, it cannot be argued that it is anything other than a nation of Christians.

However, if you consider the overtly high levels of corruption, theft, dishonestly, violence against others, immorality and the many other sins committed on a daily basis, that are well entrenched at all levels of Samoan society, it has to be argued that Samoans do not act in a very Christian manner.

That is not to say that there are many elements of Samoan society and behaviour that are very obviously Christian in their manner, which is why many of us like living here and are so fond of the Samoan people.

The root of this debate is the changing to the wording of the constitution, which frankly is a waste of time and an obvious bee in the PM’s bonnet that he sees as more important than fixing Samoa’s many problems.

This change will only make Samoa look anti-Islamist in the eyes of the world and do nothing to protect Samoa from any perceived threat, if anything bit will make Samoa a target for those extremists that previously had no knowledge of or beef with Samoa. The exact opposite of what the change is supposed to do!

Samoa has laws, police and courts to deal with any transgressions, all of which have been under recent review, reshuffling and media attention, presumably with a view to improve the running, efficiency and effectiveness of the system.

Politicians, please focus on what is needed to protect Samoan society, rather than fix something that’s not broken and may well serve only to make Samoans a target of extremist actions both here and abroad.


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