The important role of mothers

By Ilia L. Likou 24 October 2016, 12:00AM

A good mother contributes her whole life to her family.

“Knowing our roles (as mothers) in family, church, village and the country is a must,” 75-year old mother, Sina Sagote from Faleula-Tai said in an interview with the Village Voice .

Mrs. Sagote says that mothers should understand their roles first before other making commitments in life.

 “The mother figure plays the most vital role in their children and family’s life because she is the most important role model in their eyes.

“Mothers should also teach through love so that her family will grow up into a caring environment.

“There’s a saying that we’re the hope, and life to many families and villages but how can we prove that saying?

“The answer is very simple – when we know how to help ourselves first, when we understand how to stand in times of troubles and face the realities of the everyday life.

“We just can’t face tomorrow if we didn’t know how to face ourselves first and that’s for sure.

 “If we , mothers, don’t understand how to cope with the world today and its challenges then there’s no question of what tomorrow will bring.

“We all know that there are good and bad times in families, but we have to be strong in ourselves and understand how to solve these problems.

Mrs. Sagote also stressed the importance of challenges in order to be a better mother.

“In my opinion, each mother’s experiences in life, the ups and downs clearly shape each and every one of us.

“But what’s really sad, some mothers leave many of their unsolved puzzles to their children to deal with it.

“Leading our children on the right path to grow up with and helping our husbands in times of difficulties are some of the most common duties of mothers in family and villages.

 “If we fail today, who’s going to do it for our children, family and villages?

“Mothers need to be strong ourselves because what we’re teaching today to our children will go a long way.

“If we’re leading them in the wrong ways, then that’s where they’ll end up tomorrow.

She said that there are ways that mothers can contribute to the well being of the society of today.

“Most of the times, mothers get tired of their many roles in the family but I strongly encourage them to stand strong and be patient.

“There’s no other way to face the consequences of life if we’re not strong enough to live that dream for the future of our family and children.

“Mothers must always at the forefront of their families especially by looking after their children.

“So much is happening these days to our daughters and the only people to blame are mothers, but we need to start looking at ourselves to see whether we’re truly honest.

However she believes that with God, nothing is impossible.

“The truth is,  God is with us.

“Mothers should always have faith in themselves and put their trust in the Lord and let Him be the head of their families.

“I also encourage mothers to never give up on life.

“The song goes that – With Jesus in a family, it’s a happy, happy home.

By Ilia L. Likou 24 October 2016, 12:00AM
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