Church breeds fish for the people

Many of us have heard the story of Jesus feeding the multitude with bread and some fish.

A small E.F.K.S. church from the village of Manunu has taken those lessons to heart with their new fish breeding initiative set up to help families in need.

Lomai Simo, from the village of Manunu, also a member of the church explains how the programme caters to the needs of the people.

“This practice that the church is currently undertaking is not just to help out our own family’s but all the families of the church,” he told the Village Voice.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, if you need help then the fish we breed here will be given to you.

“It’s all free and it’s up to the individual families if they want to contribute to the running of the programme. We don’t want to force them to give to us and if we don’t receive anything in return then so be it.”

Lomai admits that the programme needs money to run, but the church in no way wants to obligate the congregation into helping out.

“This initiative does cost money and I admit that we need the help of the people to keep everything running but we don’t want anyone to feel obligated,” he said.

“That’s how things are right now with us. The fish we breed is used a lot by families for their individual needs. Some even use it to cater for their family faalavelave.”

With the pastor of the church at the forefront of the programme, he has set a great example for the people in his congregation.

“The one thing the church cares about is helping those in need,” Lomai said.

“That’s why the pastor made has started this programme; he saw many families in his church that need help.

“As the church first started breeding the fish we noticed that we had a lot of them, that’s when the idea of contributing came up. Those who were in need were given the fish.”

Many might argue that this would make a good business venture, but with a heart for the people, not a single thought wasted in the possibility of making money.

“Our pastor spearheads this programme and he pushes for it to work and stay strong,” Lomai said.

“Although it makes for a good business idea, it has never become an option for the church to do so. Why make a business out of it when we can help many people and bless them with fish.

“Giving is to the families is one way to bless them and show the love of the Lord in their lives.”

Lomai also mentioned how the programme helps families who live far from the ocean’s many resources.

“Each family in the church is precious,” he said.

“That’s why we are always trying our best to help as many as we can because we know that they will end up helping others in their own ways.

“We also give priority to those families who live further inland because they live so far away from the ocean and they can’t get to the fish.

“So in a way, we are bringing the fish to them.”

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