Trump’s ridiculous views

Dear Editor,

Re: American politician Donald Trump

I don’t care for American politics, but it’s worrying to know that a man bent on stirring negative sentiment and bigoted beliefs is being celebrated and supported as potentially the next President. 

His views on immigrants, namely Mexicans for example, is ridiculous as Mexicans as Native Americans, have more historical right to that continent, than for instance him as a second-generation immigrant from Eastern Europe. 

The American economy would be in shambles if it weren’t being carried on the backs of Mexican labour! 

Further (furher), Trump is the 1% you mention. 

So how is that changing the status quo? 

The 1% still rule and hoard 80% of that country’s wealth, while masses of its people live in extreme poverty. 

What Trump is inciting, is a race war, if you really look at the fervor he is drumming up and rhetoric he is spruiking. 

He may be upsetting the status quo, but in favour of whom? The status quo!

S. Matagi

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