Enjoyment of the bright-side

By Layton Lolo 17 October 2016, 12:00AM

Night air bites without hesitation

I feel its cold teeth sink in

But my gaze strays to the sky above me

Dark, lonely, cold, filled to the brim with howling winds

A sign of nature going what it is supposed to


A breeze blows my collar open

But I let my coat flow; held victim to the wind

I return my sight to the vast gentle sky

In a way searching

Longing for something grand


Stars flood in beside the moon

I can’t help but show my appreciation

A smile creeps across my face

My eyes water at the beautiful spectacle

And my heart begins to dance in my chest


I crane my head backwards in a release of emotion

Eyes closed, heart full, arms spread in delight

To my surprise I begin to dance and spin

Feeling happy and pleased

Something I haven’t felt in a while


I stop by a cliff to the view of a great city

Lights, sounds, life, all living for the next day

My smile grows as I take in the view

My smile not seeming to betray me like before

Now I welcome it as a friend


My longing fulfilled

My happiness regained

My life as it once were

Yet I ponder upon a self question

Did I ever lose it? 

In life, there are two different sides or opposites of everything.  There are two different kinds of people, event, attitudes, and sometimes entire lives.  There are the people that are your friends and family and just plain and ordinary people you just connect with; then there are those that annoy and pester and drive you absolutely insane simply by being them. 

There are also the lovable, friendly and honest attitudes that you can’t get enough of; then there’s the totally dislikable, infuriating and trying attitudes that doesn’t seem to have a bright-side to their madness.  And last but not so much the least, there’s the difference of living.  For living, there are a lot of different varieties of life; poor, rich, well-enough-off, and etc.

But the main reason why I mentioned all this is because they all share one simple truth; the truth of life.  Life is unpredictable and scary but at the same time full of wonder and opportunity and sometimes we often forget the bright side of it all.  Depression, doubt, fear, negativity; all things that blind us from the beauty that is life.

Life is for enjoyment and learning, and if life doesn’t seem to involve those qualities then something is wrong.  Life is our song of eternity, our second chance, our light in the darkness, our hope from all this despair, our poem when are speech is blocked, and our happiness when smiling seem to hurt.

Recently, I had the rare opportunity to give service for a family I didn’t know at all until we met that day.  But what made it so special was that I was able to serve them with my friends and brothers in my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.

The entire time I was there at this families house, my friends and I help clear and cut back the over-grown grass and bushes the surrounded their house.  But one question kept coming to my mind about the family; I wonder how they feel and think about us and what we’re doing for them?

Only until now do I realize that it doesn’t matter.  What I should have been thinking of was the memories I was creating there and of the experience I was gaining while serving someone in need.  So on behalf of my glorious and wonderful advice, I say to you thins one thing; take time to enjoying yourself.  Enjoy life, enjoy someone’s company, love, cry, learn, hope, but most of all, never lose sight of the brighter side of things.

‘To conclude’ as some say, I hope you will learn to laugh, learn to smile, learn never give in to the trials, and learn live life with all the bright sides and silver lines.

By Layton Lolo 17 October 2016, 12:00AM

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