Digicel to enter tourism industry

By Vatapuia Maiava 18 December 2016, 12:00AM

Digicel Samoa is looking into joining the tourism industry through the development of a brand new hotel.

This was confirmed by Digicel Samoa’s Chief Executive Officer, Rory Condon during an interview where he stated that the company wishes to make the most of Samoa’s beauty.

Although no formal announcement have been made, Mr. Condon said that when the development is completed, it will benefit Samoa in many different ways.

“We haven’t yet made any formal announcements but what I can say is that Samoa is so beautiful,” he told the Samoa Observer.

“You have to pinch yourself sometimes when you look around and this beauty is the obvious attraction that prompted us to have a plan to build a hotel in Samoa.”

According to Mr. Condon, the telecommunication company has only the success of the tourism industry in mind with their hotel plans.

“It’s a plan that’s rooted in the future success of the Samoan tourism Industry,” he said.

“You only have to look at the enormous excitement of having Samoa up on the world stage after the recent boxing match I was at in Auckland.”

Mr. Condon also confirmed that this is a plan long in the making.

“I have been working on a plan for a couple of years now,” he said.

“Personally I come from a country that has built a strong, tourism economy while at the same time guarding its traditions and its cultures and playing to its unique strengths that attracts tourists.

“So it’s with this mindset that we put together a plan for a development in Apia. We work really closely with the Samoa Tourism Authority (S.T.A.) and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labor (M.C.I.L.) as well as other government departments who support our vision.”

Furthermore, Mr. Condon says that it’s an exciting time for tourism and that this development will seek to benefit the nation greatly.

“It’s (plans) still early days and we expect to be developing sometime in the middle of next year but it’s a really exciting time for tourism in Samoa,” he said.

“There have been many very fantastic developments built in this current year and my view is I believe that rising tides lift all boats and our development will occupy some space in Samoa.

“It will attract a new centre of tourists and employ many Samoans so it will benefit Samoans right across. 

We are very excited about this project.”

By Vatapuia Maiava 18 December 2016, 12:00AM
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