Property rights in Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: Injustices in Samoa

In Samoa many still do not understand how property and property rights work. Especially when it comes to land and what is on the land.  If you leave a tool (it is anyone’s property in Samoa) outside and it goes missing -- someone has borrowed that tool permanently (a property has just been transferred because that person found it lying outside - finders keepers rule applied here). This is not stealing in Samoa. It is not a crime in Samoa. 

Because in their mind they do not understand what property rights mean.  It does not exist in a person’s mind. Unless everyone in school is taught about property and property rights then there will be less of this property transfer happening.

If you have a business and someone steals a good. That is a crime in Samoa. 

But still there is confusion in some people’s mind.

Now regarding the right to beat somebody up. Unfortunately this starts from an early age. When you are a child in Samoa you are beaten regularly as you are growing up. 

So when you become an adult you have been taught that it is ok to beat others up. So that is why Samoans that grow up and go overseas they do not understand that it is a crime to hit somebody else in other countries.

Unless all the parents in Samoa decide that hitting a child should stop then we will see great improvements of this kind happening in Samoa.

So if you a visitor to Samoa you have to protect your property and yourself at all times. Don’t be an innocent person. 

Rule 1: Hide your property. Secure your property where no one can find it. 

Rule 2: Never show anyone that you are rich. Act as if you are poor. 

Rule 3: Prepare to defend yourself at all times. You never know when the next punch will be flying from. It will happen any time in Samoa. There need not be a reason why you got beaten up. Remember this is not your fault. It is just the way it is in Samoa.

Oh by the way: Mark Hunt has used his abuse as a child from his father and channeled it to UFC. Read all about it in his autobiography.

 Keith Alderson 

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