Samoa’s healthcare facility

Dear Editor

Re: Moe Lei Sam and the hospital

This under-resourced and new Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital problem

has been discussed by members of social media forums from about four years ago. And of course the fools that blindly follow Samoa’s H.R.P.P. government continue to jump in and defend it as usual. But as much as they continue to deny it, the truth unfolds and is revealed by the people of Samoa themselves.

Today, there are many more lawsuits against the Ministry of Health due to malpractice, negligence and from the mysterious and unexplained deaths of many who went to the hospital for treatment.

Ms Lei Sam who was a patient in the hospital at the time told the Samoa Observer, “When the elderly man (patient) was brought in, the nurses couldn’t find him a bed. 

They had to do his check-up on a chair. He was crouching on the chair in so much pain. On the other hand there were only three nurses working and one doctor was on duty. I could not believe how it was run and it made me so angry.”

P.M. Tuilaepa is well aware of how under resourced the T.T.M. Hospital is which is why he medivacced himself to New Zealand to have his scratched toe seen to as he didn’t trust the very same hospital which was built under his leadership. 

Even H.R.P.P. M.P.s of the past (and some of the present) do not trust the T.T.M. Hospital and therefore go to N.Z. instead for a check up and the same go for their family members and avid H.R.P.P. supporters.

Ms Lei Sam also questioned the $20 million funding from China that is to be spent on the sports facility and said, “The government should prioritise the welfare of our country and give these millions to buy some beds, raise the pay for doctors and nurses.” I agree with her.

Here is the answer to your $20 million question Ms Lei Sam – the $20 million that is about to be spent on the Sporting Complex is a scheme by H.R.P.P. They’ve used the Sports Facility to make a $20 million loan from China’s Exim Bank. Next, they’ll contract a Chinese company who will bring in their own labor force from China, to carry out the renovations. 

Out of that $20 Million, $2 Million will be spent on the Sports Facility and the other $18 Million will go straight into the government’s pocket. 

I’ve said this many times before – SAMOA IS BROKE. P.M. Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P. have been running this country with a blank cheque for 30 years now. 

Our loans have nearly exceeded $2 Billion. All you see from this government are loans, more loans and many more loans. The question is, WHO WILL PAY FOR IT? OF COURSE NOT P.M. TUILAEPA AND H.R.P.P. MEMBERS BUT THE PEOPLE OF THE NATION WILL.

Mebahel Raguel

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