Healthy body leads to healthy mind

Exercise, hard work, healthy diet and prayers.

That’s the key to a healthy life. 

So says 60-year-old mother from the village of Safotu Savai’i, Sina Panapa. 

At her tender age, she is the picture of a healthy mother.

“For me, if I don’t exercise by doing my usual chores at home, I get very sick and feel weak,” she said.

“I exercise a lot at home by doing all the chores and helping out my children with everything at home. I am used to this kind of life.

“You don’t just sit around and do nothing.” 

“As Samoans, we know we have duties and responsibilities.” 

“And I know a lot of people get old easily and get lazy because they don’t do much at home. As soon as they reach the age of 40 or 50, they do nothing and let their children do all the work. And that is why some of them get sick easily.”

“To me, you have a healthy mind when you have a healthy body.”

Moreover, Sina believes that our people need to consider living healthy lives as we have so many diseases in Samoa nowadays.

“I don’t need to tell you this, but I think that we are aware of the different kind of diseases we have nowadays because of the food that we eat.”

“Obesity is a big issue here in Samoa and this is because we eat a lot of fattening food and they don’t exercise.”

“We all know it, when you eat too much; you get really lazy and tired. And your mind will also not be active as well.”

“And for me, that is why I keep doing chores at home. You don’t need to go to a gym to exercise you can exercise by doing the little chores at home.”

Nevertheless, Sina believes that in order for us to live healthy, we also need to eat healthy food.

“You can’t keep exercising and still eat a lot of calorific food. A lot of young people die young these days because of the unhealthy food they eat.

“Some parents keep feeding their children with all different kinds of unhealthy food and that’s why they get sick easily.”

“Back we were young; the only thing we eat is taro and lua’u. And we grew up strong and healthy. That’s also why most of our elders reached the age of 90 years and over.”

“To me, I always tell my children that if they want to live longer and spend time with their children, then they should live a healthy life. Exercising every day by doing all the chores, eat healthy and also pray to God to continue guiding us.”

“If you do that, then you will live longer. Also the bible says that if we honor our parents, then the Lord will give us many days to live on this earth.”

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