Bouncing back

Think a minute…Early in life I learned that I do not always get what I want. It is a fact of life that disappointing, bad things happen to all of us. But if we learn how to use painful experiences, they will make us stronger, wiser, and better prepared to move on to a life of true success and satisfaction. Here are some ways to help you bounce back from disappointment.

Number one, stay physically active. Take a 30-minute walk or run. Swim, bike, lift weights,  play golf, tennis, or some other sport you enjoy. 

Second, after your bad break, take a break. After a disappointment, be nice to yourself. Relax by doing what you most enjoy, whether it is listening to music, shopping, fishing, golf, or even taking a short holiday.

Third, laugh. Laughing releases endorphins, which are our body’s natural pain killers. Spend time with fun people you enjoy. No doubt your friends have suffered setbacks too, so they can encourage you. At the very least, laugh together at your mistakes. Learn to see the humor in life and not take yourself too seriously.

Number four, do something new or creative. A professional counselor says: “Feelings are energy, and energy needs to be used for something, so use your energy to be creative.” Sing, play a musical instrument, plant a garden, do some kind of art and handcrafts, or learn to do something completely new. This can give you fresh perspective, motivation, and confidence to move on with your life. 

Fifth, help others. The fact that we receive more happiness from making others happy is a law of life that never fails. “When you get wrapped up in yourself, you become a small package.” So be part of something larger than yourself. No matter how discouraged and “down” you feel, there is always someone who feels “lower” who needs your help and encouragement.

Number six, keep a clear, accurate perspective. Don’t forget your strengths and past accomplishments. See each disappointment only as a single event, not a link in a long chain of failures. Do not let that one disappointment color your view of your entire life. Just because you may have failed at that one thing does not mean you are a failure at life!

Seven, look for the lesson to learn, so you do not repeat the same mistake. Now you simply know better how to succeed. 

Finally, know that God is working even the unfair, bad things for your good…IF you put your life in His hands by living His way daily. Only He can make all your losses and disappointments work together for your life’s lasting satisfaction and true purpose. Just think a minute…

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