‘Such traitors’

By Vatapuia Maiava 16 March 2016, 12:00AM

A relative of an election candidate who lost during the General Election has blasted members of her uncle’s committee, calling them “traitors.” 

Marita Joseph Silva has also warned politicians and potential election candidates to make sure they know their so-called committees.

“Some of these people will milk the candidates dry and when it comes to crunch time, they don't even vote for them,” she said.  

Ms. Silva visited the Samoa Observer office wanting to voice her frustration at what she called “heartless behaviour” by people who were entrusted by her uncle to help him during the election. According to Ms. Silva, some of her uncle’s committee members did not do their job. Instead they conspired against him and used his generosity to campaign for other candidates.

“This is why I want to speak out,” she said. “I feel sorry for my uncle and I want to warn all the other candidates to make sure that they really know their committee members.”

Ms. Silva would not name any committee member in particular.

However, she is adamant that they robbed her uncle.

“They know who they are. Some of them did not do right by him,” she said. “They acted like they were doing their job yet they went behind his back and pushed people to vote elsewhere.

“There was so much dishonesty and foul play amongst the committee that I noticed on Friday.”

According to Ms. Silva, some of the committee members pretended to support her uncle but in reality “they stabbed on the back.”

“They would claim to support my uncle yet they push the people to other candidates which is just wrong,” Ms. Silva said. “I don't even know if they had voted for him.”

Ms. Silva said this broke her heart, knowing that some of these people had been playing this game for so long. 

“It hurts my family to know that they didn’t do their part in fighting for my uncle. There are a few people that are loyal to my Uncle but there are also those who were not.

“I just want to voice out my disappointment about these people. They know what they did is wrong.”

Ms. Silva’s heart goes out to her uncle.

“I feel so sorry for my uncle because those people would act so sweet to him assuring that they are doing all they can yet they play different cards under the table.

“But he is such a strong man because he still smiles and retains a happy face but it hurts my heart to see how he was treated.”

According to Ms. Silva, these very people gave her uncle many different excuses about why he didn't win.

 “After all that, they would come up with lame excuses that the people are bad for not voting for them but in actual fact they are the ones who are bad. They are full of lies.

“Even if my uncle won the seat, I would have still spoken out because I know it’s not just my uncle who has suffered at the hands of these unreliable committee members. Some of these people are real traitors.”

By Vatapuia Maiava 16 March 2016, 12:00AM

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