This is not right

Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. stands by S.T.E.C. 

Why does the P.M. mislead our people? 

How can he say Samoa Trust Estates Corporation is not a government entity when it is clearly listed on the Ministry of Public Enterprise website as 1 of 17 government Public Trading Bodies monitored by M.P.E? 

The Development Bank of Samoa, Electric Power Corporation, Gambling Control Authority, Land Transport Authority, Polynesian Airline Ltd, Public Trust Office, Samoa Airport Authority, Samoa Housing Corporation, Samoa International Finance Authority, Samoa Land Corporation, Samoa Ports Authority, Samoa Post Limited, Samoa Shipping Corporation, Samoa Shipping Services, Samoa Trust Estates Corporation, Samoa Water Authority and Unit Trust of Samoa. 

I feel sorry for him, it’s like he has to cover up for all the incompetence within his government. 

But you know what, a little bit of honesty and transparency will go a long way to win back people’s confidence with this government. 

Or may be its too late!



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