P.M., his H.R.P.P Party and the “spoils system”

Dear Editor,

The P.M. has total control of everything in Samoa by the use of the “spoils system”.

The “Spoils system” or “patronage system” is the practice where the winning political party gives all the top government positions to their supporters, friends and families. 

A top government position is hardly or never given by merit. 

In other words all top government positions get the final approval by the P.M.

The “spoils system” allows the P.M. to control all public employees. 

The “spoils system” allows for a “pyramid system of power” where the P.M. sits at the very top and everyone else in Samoa is below him.

The ruling H.R.P.P party wants all government employees to be “silent workers” and follow the party rules.

If any government employee steps out of line they are booted out of their job. Everyone working for the government works under constant fear.

Some may say this spoils system allows for an effective government but the results have shown lately (Police department, Justice department) there is a lot of infighting within government departments.

The “spoils system” or P.M. and his H.R.P.P party controlling all of government offices by appointment leads to abuse of power (corruption) which will only benefit and enrich the H.R.P.P party. 

There is no proper auditing of public money, where the money is really going, who gets government contract. 

All this eventually benefits the PM and the H.R.P.P party only.

When H.R.P.P party members are in trouble with the law the “spoils system” protects all their members as they have total control of all top positions in Samoa. This is the reality of Samoa now.


Keith Alderson 

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