“I don’t depend on anyone else but me.”

Vaiaso Tafa is a single male of 41-years-old who lived with his family at Solosolo. 

Mr Tafa is unemployed but works alone in his plantation which is the only source of income for his family. 

When Samoa Observer approached Mr Tafa yesterday, he had just return from his plantation carrying coconuts. 

“This is what I do every day, visiting my plantation every day,” said Tafa. 

According to Tafa he said he depends on himself for the welfare of his family. 

Even though they have families overseas but he believes with the strength that he has he can provide for his family working as a farmer. 

“The only problems that I have with my plantation are the pigs.” 

“There are many families who don’t have pig sty but they are out in the woods and it’s destroying many plantations,” added Mr Tafa. 

Tafa said there are others villages that are encouraging families to ensure that the pigs are locked up in a pig sty so that they won’t cause any problems to the farmers. 

Unfortunately, the rule in his village is not being strengthened but the matais as well as the families. 

“We have a rule in our village that any family can put down a pig if caught in their land however not every family has a gun,” said Tafa. 

Tafa said sometimes they set up traps in the plantation to catch the pigs but they hardly catch any. 

“It’s about time that we did something about this thing because this is another reason why farmers get lazy sometimes because of the pigs.” 

Tafa disagrees that there is poverty in the country. 

“I think we are poor because we choose to be poor.” 

He said people need to develop the lands that they have. 

“We also have families overseas that we can also ask for help if we need to set up a big development to make money. 

“I believe money is required in any development in this country.” 

Tafa said with his plantation sometimes he thought about putting up a fence to stop the pigs from destroying it; however his budget will not be enough to build a fence. 

What do you think about the development of Samoa? 

Asked about the hardship he is now facing living in the village. 

Tafa said there is nothing wrong with the life he chose to live in his village.

“The only hardship situation I’m in at the moment is not having someone to support me, a companion,” Tafa smiled. 

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