This is really hurting our people

Dear Editor,

Re: Document confirms $5.84m loan to Chinese businessman

Magaia le faatamali’i ona fai o mea a Tuilaepa, H.R.P.P ma Teeking Weng Coin Save. 

How the heck could S.N.P.F lend $6 Million of taxpayers’ money to a foreign investor who won the tender to lease the Vaitele market? 

How could they award him the tender when he has no idea what he’s going to do with the market?

Now the people get to see how much of taxpayers’ money this government and their crooked foreign investors are playing with and abusing whilst the people are starving for employment opportunities, have no access to water, putting up with a poor health service and education, the high cost of living, poverty and child street vendors increasing and the ever increasing of social problems the people of this nation are facing today.

PM Tuilaepa and the H.R.P.P and their members are not going to be around to pay off these loans.


The media here in Samoa, need to ask some hard core questions and follow this up all the way, and dig up all the facts and publish them as the people need to know what’s going on with their money and these foreign investors. 

This is nothing compared to other dirty deals the government is doing with these foreign investors behind closed doors. If the govt refuses to provide information, you should use the Freedom of Information law to bring those facts out. This type of corruption is sickening and it’s killing our people!



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