A profound diagnosis of what’s happening in Samoa

Dear Editor, 

Thank you Ropeti Ale for your insights and profound diagnosis of what is happening to our tagata Samoa in the wake of becoming overwhelmed and marginalized to the wayside as our government ruling party becomes overly consumed with political power, influence, and wealth. 

I find it very disheartening and shameful that our leaders in both government and parochial institutions (Christianity) seem to have lost touch with their constituents’ strife in making ends meet.

It appears that our Prime Minister and his H.R.R.P cronies believe in capitalism as the only way to attain economic development in Samoa. 

But in hindsight, such an accelerated pace of development is fueled by collusion with foreign investors, like China e.g. especially. 

Now, China appears to have a foothold in Samoa. Who knows what self-enrichment dealings the government has done with China that may result in residual irreversible consequences that our future generations will suffer? The truth may reveal itself after Tuilaepa and this government has long gone from this life.

The sad truth is that members of the H.R.R.P are convinced Tuilaepa’s economic strategies and political wield might be the only alternative. Once one gets used to power and control it becomes a compulsive obsession behavior.

The relics of colonialism still remain evident in the people’s social character and behavior. The cast system tends to the line between the haves and the have nots, rich and the poor, and the elites and the indigenous. 

I believe such premise sets the stage for the demise and unwelcome infiltration of uncontrollable capitalism in our way of life. The love of money has trump the love for people. The respect and dignity that once afforded to those who earn it, is now determined by one’s ownership of material things and riches.

It is my hope that what happened in Hawaii during its early experience with imperialism won’t happen in Samoa. 

When the wheels of capitalism started turning, civil government’s focus turned to economic development and the interest of the indigenous people became irrelevant. 

The rich investors from the US started buying most of the lands and controlled the industrial development. The Hawaiians lost their lands and became homeless in the own islands. 

In the early 1950’s the increase of various foreigners; Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, Samoans got caught in middle of the capitalistic chaos. 

Some of these groups saw that the only chance they could level the playing field or to claim a share of wealth, was to organise themselves into an organized closed group to infiltrated and intimidate the status quo. 

Thus, the birth of the Samoan style “mafia”, and similar ethnic counterparts. In case some of you have short memory, the late member of Parliament, Vitale Leafa of Malie was an associate of the group in Hawaii (Samoan mafia) before he returned to Samoa. You know the rest of the story.

Last thing I would wish is to see an underworld secret revolt from our indigenous Samoan people as the last resort to clean up government when political intervention and reforms fail. 

This would easily happen when those living abroad become sympathetic with blight of our people and are willing to take necessary action, especially, when other dominant ethnic groups become a threat. 

Ole tagi ale Pu mate. Manuia lau faasausauga Samoa.


Joe Faamuli

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