President Trump is a God-send

Dear Editor,

Re: A future President who is a liar with the “viciousness of an 8-year old”?

I’m amazed of how short sighted your commentary about Trump being the liar that he is Mr. Editor in Chief. 

I know Mr. President elect Trump has gone overboard sometimes on some of the things he said but that doesn’t amount to some of the lies and deceptions his adversary had said and done. 

If you are going along with the leftist agenda, then I strongly suggest to cast your net “upega” a little deeper. The reality we are living today is just an illusion. Trump is the most hated candidate there was right from the get-go. 

Both parties were against him and he has defied all odds and was voted in overwhelmingly by the people because they knew how the Democrats and some Republicans were corrupt to the core. 

I’m a history buff and I don’t mean that in an arrogant way. 

I know how most of history was distorted ever since history was recorded because of the news media that was mostly controlled by the ruling class. 

So for you going along with the fake news media instead of doing some due diligence to justify your argument is a little bit biased by all means. 

The C.I.A with the main news media controlled by the establishment have done every trick in the book to discredit Trump before inauguration and failed. 

So why are they desperately trying to do this? 

Logic alone will tell you that there is something terribly wrong here. 

The one world order control are at stake and they are running out of time. People are awaken and it’s getting too dangerous for that to happen. 

Example the European union is fracturing with Britain leaving and others considering the same fate. 

Hungary has ordered Soros N.G.Os out of the country because he was the most vocal of the establishments that was pushing for the fake Climate Change agenda to move along with the Agenda 2021 and the agenda 2030. 

Iceland had kicked out the Bankers that took them to the cleaners and a lot more European countries are aware of this agenda. 

Have you ever read any of those articles by any chance? 

Those N.G.Os financed from outside are there in Samoa pushing for those climate change agenda. Did you know that? 

If not I strongly suggest for your newspaper to do some investigative reporting on those N.G.Os. 

Pretty soon they will seal off some areas in Samoa as restricted areas to save the planet and implementing control of everything you do on your land. 

Not only that, they are dividing the country by implementing those organizations that supposedly help us but in reality they are breaking up our culture for their own benefit.

The international bankers owned by the same people are there paying off your politicians and your PM is trying to revoke a 1965 law to make it easier for them to lease customary land to pay for the run away debt. 

I think Trump is a God-given to help humanity get back some of their sanity back. FYI just today Obama ordered the US military to occupy Poland as a political move to provoke a War with Russia so that he can declare marshal law and then he can stay in office restricting Trump from taking office. 

Just a thought from someone that uses logic instead of going along with same old narrative as usual, a contrarian I might add.


Leituala Roger B.

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