Boys to men

Think a minute… A greeting card company did something special for Mother’s Day. In a men’s prison, they provided free greeting cards for any prisoner who wanted to send one to his mother. Amazingly, so many prisoners came that the company had to order more cards. Since it was such a success, they decided to do the same thing on Father’s Day. But to their shock, not even one prisoner wanted to send a free card to his dad! 

A well-known leader who had counseled thousands of male prisoners for 25 years said not one of them loved his father—and 95% of the prisoners on death-row waiting to be executed said they deeply hated their dads. So if you do not spend much time with your son or show him much love, you could be raising him to become a criminal. 

In a South African National Park, the government started a program to reduce the number of elephants by putting to death the older ones. As a result, almost all of the young male elephants grew up without fathers. And since they had no older male elephants to show them how to act as adults, the young males have now become wild and out of control, attacking and killing the other animals in the National Park. This happens not only in the animal kingdom, but also in the human family.

When a father is not there to guide and teach his son, his son is left to figure out alone how a mature, responsible man behaves and lives. Your son needs a father who not only gave him life, but teaches him how to live. A wise counselor says: “It’s far easier to build strong boys than to repair broken men.”

It is so true that “Half of success is just showing up.” Half of your success as a father is simply showing up and being there with your son. The most valuable gift you can give your son is your time, because when he gets your time he gets you, which is what he really needs and wants. “Spend more time than money on your son.” Remember, if you are not there to raise him, someone else will…and it’s usually not the right person! Maybe your father was not there to spend time with you or show you much love. 

Just ask Jesus to heal your past hurts and painful memories. Then, with His love and power, you can love and raise your boy to real manhood. Just think a minute…

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