Consider legalising marijuana

Dear Editor,

Re: Three males charged with drug possession 

The police finding a leaf of marijuana in the young man’s pocket then arrested and charged him is a waste of taxpayers’ money and resources. 

Now they’re going to have the judge, the prosecutor and the police as witnesses all involved in this case over a leaf - it’s a time waster. 

You’d also have to be a dumb and stupid judge to sentence this young man to jail in an already overcrowded prison over a leaf. They should focus more on arresting the marijuana growers and those who are dealing in hardcore drugs if they really want to stop this drug problem. 

In Samoa, it’s not very hard to find the marijuana growers or the drug dealers - everyone knows every one. The police are turning a blind eye on the real drug criminal as some of these police are paid by the drug dealers/growers protection money to leave them alone. 

There should be a law to allow people to carry a small amount of marijuana for their personal use but not for commercial purposes. 

Marijuana is legalized in a lot of parts of America, Europe and Australia and they don’t have problems. It’s illegal in N.Z. but the police don’t care as they’re aware everyone’s smoking it including their M.P.s and filling out all that paperwork is a waste of time and resources. 

The people are committing more and severe crimes whilst they’re under the influence of alcohol and ice than those who smoke marijuana.


Mebahel Raguel 

Samoa Observer

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